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We worked with Raer Jewels to develop the brand name and visual identity for their collection of lab-grown diamonds.




Scope of Work

Raer Jewels



Brand Name and Brand Identity

Raer is a designer jewellery brand that specializes in lab-grown diamonds.

We worked closely with the client to develop a brand name and visual identity that would capture the essence of their unique and remarkable product. The brand name 'Raer' reflects the innovative and forward-thinking approach of the company, while also appealing to a wide range of audiences across genders and ages.

The logo type is designed to be classic, ageless and approachable, with clean lines and an intentional curve in the letter E for visual interest. The logo mark is a stylised letter R that resembles a diamond when angled at 45 degrees, a subtle nod to the product that the brand specializes in.

In addition to the visual identity, we also developed a range of brand stationary, including business cards and letterheads.

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